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How To Move Active Window Using Three Fingers In Mac

To Enable 'Move Active Window Using Three Finger' Follow these steps:

  • Open 'System Preferences' > Click  'Accessibility' .
  • Click 'Mouse and Trackpad' > Click 'Trackpad Options...' .
  • 'Enable dragging' > From the drop down menu select 'three finger drag'.
  • Then click  'OK' .

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How To Configure Mail Client From "mobileconfig" File ( iOS )

If you want to configure mail client of your web email address from mobileconfig to your ios device.
Follow the steps: Download the mobileconfig file from your email provider. In my case cPanel Email (->Email Configuration -> Select the email address -> IMAP (application:ios) ->Proceed ).Now you will get mobileconfig.Upload that mobileconfig file to And note down generated that link.Open that link from safari your iOS device.Click on the file.Now opens a screen showing the profile. Click install -> Type passcode -> install.Now it will ask for the password of your email address.Done. Now you can use your new email profile for sending and receiving emails.

How To Unsubscribe Channels All From Youtube (Using Console)

Method to mass unsubscribe all channels from YouTube. If you have subscribed many junk channels and you want to remove them all at a time, then here is one easy way to do that. Without installing any extension or softwares.
Simple Method.

Go to your youtube subscription page and Open console. Paste the given code (Here) and press Enter (for mac return)
Open web browser.Open YouTubeClick on "SUBSCRIPTIONS".Press Option + Command + C (in Mac)or Alt + Ctrl + C (in Windows). now you will get one console tab. On console tab you can type any java script code, that code will be execute on the current web page.Now just past the given code on it. And that's it.         Enjoy your  youtube with new subscriptions.

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How To Run Glut And Opengl On Xcode

To run glut and openGL on Xcode follow these steps:Open Xcode > 'Create a new Xcode project' . Navigate to 'macOS' tab and select 'Command Line Tool' > Click ' Next' . Fill your project name and other details > Select 'C++' as language > 'Next' . Choose the project Location .Click on your project name (at the top left corner). Navigate to build Phases > Click add button '+'. Now  one search window will pop up. Search and add 'OpenGL.framework' and 'GLUT.framework'. Now click on the main.cpp file and add this line (header file adding) >
#include <GLUT/glut.h>
Sample code available here.
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Now you can start programming on GLUT and openGL :)