How To Configure Mail Client From "mobileconfig" File ( iOS )

If you want to configure the mail client of your web email address from mobileconfig to your ios device.
Follow the steps:
  1. Download the mobileconfig file from your email provider. In my case cPanel Email (->Email Configuration -> Select the email address -> IMAP (application:ios) ->Proceed ).Now you will get mobileconfig.
  2. Upload that mobileconfig file to And note down generated that link. Other alternatives are:
  3. Open that link (generated link) from Safari on your iOS device.
    1. For example, just message yourself and open the link from your device.✌️
  4. Click on the file.
  5. Now opens a screen showing the profile. 
  6. Click install -> Type passcode -> install.
  7. Now it will ask for the password of your email address.
  8. Done.
Now you can use your new email profile for sending and receiving emails. Let's stay connected, here is my Twitter profile:@sooryagangaraj


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