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Deploy Your React App To GitHub Pages

GitHub is not only popular for hosting repositories but also you can host your websites. And it absolutely free. Following are the steps to host your React js App to GitHub.
Create a GitHub repository.Open Terminal (or CMD) on your project folder.Run these commands: npm run build . A build folder will be created inside your project.Open package.json using any editor of your choice.Paste this line of code:"homepage": "http://<username><myapp>". Change "username" with your GitHub username and "myapp" with your repository name.Now the file will look something like this: Add these lines of code to package.json"predeploy": "npm run build","deploy": "gh-pages -d build"Now the file will look something like this: Save the file after editing.Run this command on the terminal (or CMD) npm install --save-dev gh-pages .Now you should see these lines added to your package.json
Lastly, run this …

Your Ip Address Has Changed. Please Log In Again { Cpanel } Problem [ Solution ]

This problem is because of the change in IP address. This problem can be solved by using any VPN services like Tunnel Bear etc.

Install TunnelBear. Sign UP and log in.Connect Then try to login in cPanel. Simple solution right. I made this post because I have struggled a lot with this problem. Hope this may help someone. :)

How To Deploy React Js App - Heroku

Step 1Sign up for heroku.Install heroku CLI Step 2
Open terminal(or CMD) (In this directory)heroku login (Enter your Heroku credentials)git initgit add .git commit -m "initial commit" heroic createNow you will get one git url (In green colour ) (Copy that Url).git remote add heroku <PASTE THE URL THAT YOU JUST COPIED>git push heroku masterheroku openFor the repos in gitHub Clone the repoOpen terminal(or CMD) in this directory.git initgit add .git commit -m "initial commit"heroku createNow you will get one git url (In green colour ) (Copy that Url).git remote set-url heroku <PASTE THE URL THAT YOU JUST COPIED> git push heroku master or git push heroku master --forceheroku open