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How To Move Active Window Using Three Fingers In Mac

To Enable 'Move Active Window Using Three Finger' Follow these steps:Open 'System Preferences' > Click  'Accessibility' . Click 'Mouse and Trackpad' > Click 'Trackpad Options...' . 'Enable dragging' > From the drop down menu select 'three finger drag'. Then click  'OK' .
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Enjoy your  mac  :)

How To Run Glut And Opengl On Xcode

To run glut and openGL on Xcode follow these steps:Open Xcode > 'Create a new Xcode project' . Navigate to 'macOS' tab and select 'Command Line Tool' > Click ' Next' . Fill your project name and other details > Select 'C++' as language > 'Next' . Choose the project Location .Click on your project name (at the top left corner). Navigate to build Phases > Click add button '+'. Now  one search window will pop up. Search and add 'OpenGL.framework' and 'GLUT.framework'. Now click on the main.cpp file and add this line (header file adding) >
#include <GLUT/glut.h>
Sample code available here.
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Now you can start programming on GLUT and openGL :)